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Holiday Vacancies

Holiday Vacancies

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Sportshop Skiworld Obertauern

Premium Service, TOP Brands

When it comes to rental equipment, we strongly recommend our partners at the SKIWORLD sports shop, with 3 locations in Obertauern. Coupon for a FREE ski waxing for guests of our hotel, perfect service and more....

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More info for your vacation planning

All information and data are available here to download in a *.pdf format. The current version of the PDF reader for reading these files can be found on the website of Adobe Germany.

hotspot-obertauern hotspot-obertauern 2017-01-12 | 110.7 kB
kostenloses-familienerlebnisprogramm kostenloses-familienerlebnisprogramm 2017-01-12 | 2,078.6 kB
lungau-ausflugsziele lungau-ausflugsziele 2017-01-12 | 1,374.7 kB
lungau-sommerinfos lungau-sommerinfos 2017-01-12 | 1,224.1 kB
massagen-hotel-gell massagen-hotel-gell 2017-01-12 | 125.8 kB
obertauern-ortsinfos obertauern-ortsinfos 2017-01-12 | 113.8 kB
panoramakarte-obertauern panoramakarte-obertauern 2017-01-12 | 345.4 kB
prospekt-deutsch prospekt-deutsch 2017-01-12 | 1,005.8 kB
skiregion lungau skiregion lungau 2017-01-12 | 3,751.7 kB
wachsgutschein wachsgutschein 2017-01-12 | 98.7 kB
wanderkarte-obertauern wanderkarte-obertauern 2017-01-12 | 1,201.3 kB