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Sportshop Skiworld Obertauern

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When it comes to rental equipment, we strongly recommend our partners at the SKIWORLD sports shop, with 3 locations in Obertauern. Coupon for a FREE ski waxing for guests of our hotel, perfect service and more....

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Skiing in Obertauern

In the middle of the fascinating Salzburg mountains, awaiting you are around 100 km of enchanting ski slopes. And you don't even need your car, because in Obertauern you are only a few minutes away from the skiing action no matter where you are in town. 

The lifts are so sophisticatedly interconnected that you can ski on all of the slopes and always return to your original starting point! Guarantee of snow from the end of November to the beginning of May! Reach for "new heights". 

Do you want pure winter enjoyment while elsewhere not a single flake is falling from the sky? Or while the snow has already melted in other places? If so, then reach for "new heights" here in Obertauern!

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Obertauern is one of the snowiest ski areas in the Alps. For you this means: perfect ski slope conditions from the end of November until the beginning of May! In the middle of the fascinating Salzburg mountains, between an elevation of 1,630 and 2,313 m, awaiting you is 1 cable car, 19 chair lifts, and 6 tow lifts. There are around 100 km of magical ski slopes and 26 km of cross-country trails.

Are you looking for freedom and adventure? Away from the slopes? Then you are at the right place here, because the famous Tauern tour will lead you from one magical hill to the next.

More Obertauern info: 

Obertauern offers the best snow conditions from season start until into May